Boys Junior Varsity Wrestling, Boys Varsity Wrestling · Boys Athlete of the Month – February 2017

Boys Student Athlete: Jacob Christensen

Jake has been a great addition to the wrestling program at Bear River High School. In the time that he has wrestled for the Bears he has been on 3 region championship teams, 3 divisional championship teams, a State championship team and a State runner up team.

As an individual Jake had 75 wins as a Bear, 28 wins as a senior, along with 19 pins. Aside from all of his accomplishments on the mat, I feel Jake is most proud of being part of such a great team and group of individuals. The lessons and friendships that he has made by being on the wrestling team will be far more valuable than the wins and losses.

He has been an excellent example to the other wrestlers on this team, his coaches and the student body of Bear River High School.

Congratulations Jake you deserve and have earned this award!

Jeff Smart
Head Wrestling Coach

I never had the opportunity of teaching Jake but I have known his family for a long  time so I watched him carefully and was always impressed with the quality of young man he was.  It was very evident that he was a high caliber young man, always friendly to everyone and a young man of integrity.

You could also tell he was a hard worker which is evident by his grades as he has maintained a 3.939 GPA earning him Academic All-Region. Even though he did not know me very well he always made it a point to say hi to me and always with a smile on his face. On those rare occasions I asked him to help me or just ask him a question he always was positive and very respectful.

We all know those people that all you have to do is talk to them and you trust them, Jake is one of those people. I would watch him at the matches I attended and he was always cheering on his teammates and helping in any way he could. I would observe him just taking the initiative to do something without having to be asked.  There is no question in my mind Jake will be a  great success as a husband, father, community/church member and whatever occupation he pursues.  Jake best  wishes to an outstanding young man!


Van Park
Athletic Director