Multiple Teams · Girls Athlete of the Month – February 2017

Girls Student Athlete: Lissie Westmoreland

Lissie was one of our Captains and Leaders of the team this year! She did so much to contribute towards our team success. I call her the “Rebound Queen” because she always seems to find a way to grab rebounds and loose basketballs on the floor.

Lissie brings a positive attitude and hard working mentality that rubs off on her teammates.


Bobby Hannah
Head Girls Basketball Coach

I have known Lissie for about 5 years and feel very lucky to not only know her but to have worked with her and teach her.  When I first started working with Lissie there were three things that were very evident. First is she is exceptionally kind. Second she knows how to work hard. Third she is exceptionally coachable and respectful.

She is every teachers/coaches dream as you can count on her to give her very best every single time and to come with a smile on her face and an amazing attitude.  Lissie is the model of what you want from your student athlete!  I would call her my blue collar player as she came to school/practice/games everyday and got right to work and wasn’t afraid to get dirty (bloody and bruised)!  I am  pretty sure if I would have asked her to run into the wall and it  would help  me and the team out, she would do it!

She is also very dedicated  in the classroom as is shown by her 4.0 GPA. She was just awarded Academic All-State by the UHSAA, which is given to the top academic athletes in all of 3A.  Lissie is one of  those people that you are a better person for being around.  I know this was the case with me and I hope she has the very best that life can  give her because I can guarantee she will  do all she can to make it the best!  Best wishes to one of the truly great ones!


Van Park
Athletic Director