Multiple Teams · Cooler temperatures mean Basketball Season is oh-so close!

As temperatures begin to dip into the 40’s and 50’s and that familiar Fall nip is in the air, surely the evidence of another basketball season is undeniable. For us basketball junkies there is a definite excitement and giddy anticipation in which we revel as September turns to October. All things basketball, and particularly high school basketball, turns our wheels and makes our hearts beat just a little bit faster and a little bit harder. The smell of the gym, the sheen off the hardwood, the sound of the bouncing basketball, and the intensity and emotion of the game puts a smile on our face and a gleam in our eye. Basketball is, after all, one of America’s favorite games and something that many of us has played, at one level or another, since we were small tots on the elementary school playground. Given a ball and a basket we could keep ourselves busy for hours at a time. 5-4-3-2……It’s good!! The game winning shot that we took over and over and over as we envisioned ourselves beating our cross-town rival in the biggest game of the year. Yes, the greatest game ever invented is just around the next pumpkin patch, the next hay-wagon ride, Mother-Nature’s next fall color extravaganza  and the next Halloween Trick-or-Treat.

With this in mind, the next installment of Bear River Basketball is in full swing. While we wait for the Boys of Fall to finish their successful run through their football schedule, those not involved have been “pounding nails” between the lines in the Memorial Gymnasium. Open Gym has been running for several weeks and many committed and determined boys have been strapping on their hard-hats and lacing up their boots two nights a week in order to improve their skills and condition themselves for the upcoming season. Many, many hours of sweat, sacrifice and determination throughout the summer has paid dividends for many of our boys. They are playing with intensity and confidence as they battle each other for bragging rights each and every night. The improvement is evident as they knock off the rough edges and hone their skills for what will surely be one of the most difficult schedules the Bears have faced in several years.

There is no doubting that the Bears are looking forward to this season with cautious optimism. The new Region 12 is full of teams loaded with talent and experience. Each game will demand our full attention, focus and concentration not to mention effort and execution. Sky View, Green Canyon, Logan, Mountain Crest and Ridgeline constitute our new region rivals. While these schools have traditionally been strong athletic schools, Bear River can certainly stand toe-to-toe with any of them and stare down the competition! We are fully aware that this level of competition night-in and night-out will require us to be united in our effort, purposeful in our preparation, and focused in our determination to not only compete but to stand victorious at the end of the day. That is our goal and that is our mission. We are committed to being the hardest working, unified, tough and relentless team on the court each night. We recognize that we may not be able to control everything we may face, but we can control our effort, our attitudes and our determination. With this as our focus, the Bears embrace the opportunity to play anyone at anytime. And while it is likely that we may not win every game we play, we will play every game with the attitude of a winner. The attitude of a Bear River basketball player!

The 2017-18 Bear River Basketball Season is just weeks away. For those of us that eat, sleep and breath basketball, we are just as young children trying to endure those first 24 days of December. Christmas is so close but it just seems to take forever to arrive! Take heart basketball fans, Santa is coming soon, and so is basketball season!! Go Bears!!