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The girls soccer team just had their last home soccer match for the year!  As the athletic director I couldn’t be more proud of the way the girls and the coaching staff represented our school.  They may not have won a lot of matches but I watched them work hard and keep a great attitude even through adversity!  They remained close, cheering one another on and showing great sportsmanship, class and dignity!  The famous UCLA basketball coach John Wooden once said: “I believe making the total effort is everything.  It’s all you should ever ask for or expect.  Understand that you won’t actually ever become the best of which you are capable.  That’s perfection.  We can’t obtain perfection as I understand it.  But we can work, and work hard, toward obtaining it.  If you do that, you will never lose, in sports or in life.”  So thank you Girls Soccer for showing us you can be a great success even through defeat!