Girls Junior Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Tennis · Girls Athlete of the Month – October 2017

Girls Athlete of the Month: Brooklyn Harris

brooklyn harrisBrooklyn has always been a great contributor to the tennis team. She is an example of hard work and responsibility. She was always on time for practice and very willing to do whatever was asked of her. She overcame great odds, as she battles with an anxiety disorder.

She was able to play first singles and compete very well in that spot. She was kind to all team members and a great sport to all opponents. I had number of coaches ask about her and complimented her on her ability to be a great sport in any situation. (Remember she has the State sportsmanship award named after her). As I reflect on the years of coaching I believe it is safe to say she is among the top 3 first singles players I have coached.

Nancy Brough, Head Girls Tennis Coach

It has been my distinct pleasure to know Brooklyn most of her life as I have lived just around the corner from her.  In that time I have witnessed the growth of one of the most outstanding people I have had the pleasure of knowing. You will never meet a person that is more genuine and kind to everyone than Brooklyn. I would trust her with my most prized possessions and know it would be well taken care of.

I have watched her play tennis with awe that someone could be that competitive and still be that kind to her opponent. In tennis you have to call your own balls as to whether they are out or in and that is in real speed when you‘re concentrating on the game.  Most people I have observed if it is close and hard to tell will always call it in their favor.  Brooklyn is just the opposite!  If it is close she would always call it in the favor of her opponent because she always wanted to err on the side of kindness and honesty to her opponents, even if it might cost her the game.

She definitely knows that tennis is just a game and that the game of life is so much more important! It is no wonder that the state tennis organization named a sportsmanship award after her and one of her former teammates.

She is just as impressive in the class room, always giving her best effort as well as showing that same kindness to all!  I dare anyone to walk by Brooklyn, say hi, and not walk away feeling better about your day!  Thanks Brooklyn for showing us here at Bear River what is most important!  I feel fortunate to call her my friend and neighbor.

Van Park, Athletic Director
Bear River High School

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