Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · Girls Athlete of the Month – November 2017

Girls Athlete of the Month: Natalie Cottle

natalie cottleNatalie Cottle has been one of our strongest assets this year in soccer. Both on and off the field, Natalie has shown the attributes of a great leader. For this reason, Natalie was unanimously voted to be a team captain. Natalie has put in many hours to have become as great of a keeper that she is, and it really showed in the box this season.

Natalie has also been very helpful with developing the younger girls’ confidence, as she would often come early and stay late to work with them. I was very impressed with Natalie all season long.

Andrew Cobabe, Head Girls Soccer Coach

I have known, watched and worked with Natalie since she was a little girl coming to my girls’ basketball camps in the summer.  Even as a young girl you could see she was driven and knew the benefit of working hard.  Little did I know to the extent that she was driven or the amazing young lady she would become.

Then I had the opportunity to teach her and coach her as she entered the high school’s basketball program and I found one of  the most amazing young lady’s I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.  Famous basketball coach John Wooden summed up Natalie when he talked about something he learned from his father.  He said, “My father always told me, ‘Never try to be better than someone else but never cease trying to be the best you can be’.”  Natalie is incredibly talented and brilliant but she always works hard to be the best she can be and never acts like she’s better than anyone else.

In addition to being a top goalie in the state and a prolific basketball player she is also an outstanding student as is shown by her 4.0 GPA and 30 ACT.  She is always so polite and kind off of  the floor/field but a fierce competitor as she competes.  I  loved coaching her and I feel very fortunate to have worked with her, rubbed shoulders with her and been inspired by her.


Van Park, Athletic Director
Bear River High school

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