Bears News · Boys Athlete of the Month – March 2018

Boys Student Athlete of the Month: Ryan Hales

I have had the pleasure of coaching Ryan Hales in swimming since he was a freshman. Ryan is a dedicated swimmer and a dedicated student. He has been able to balance his time as a swimmer and being on student council and be successful in both. Ryan was able to drop 2 seconds in his 50 free this year. He was able to drop 2 seconds in his 100 backstroke and 2 seconds in his 100 free. Ryan is a joy to have on team and is friends with everyone. He was able to push everyone in his lane to become better swimmers. He is always smiling and positive no matter the situation.

Coach Danny Esplin
Head Boys Swim Coach

I really didn’t get to know Ryan until this year and boy am I glad that I did.  Otherwise, I would have missed out on one of the most positive and friendliest students at this school.  I have not only observed him on the golf team and swim team as he consistently demonstrated great sportsmanship along with kindness to both his own team and the opposition, but I watched him on student council as he always jumped in and worked incredibly hard for the students at Bear River.   He supported every event that Bear River sponsored and was always so complimentary to those involved.   While staying so involved he managed to maintain an impressive GPA of 3.957, while taking many AP, college prep and higher level classes.  He also has an impressive ACT of 24.  One of the most impressive experiences I have had with Ryan showed great integrity, respect and taking personal responsibility, qualities that are missing in much of our world today.  What a great world this would be if we had a world of Ryan Hales.  I look forward to watching him have a lot of success in life!

Van Park
Athletic Director
Bear River High school

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