Bears News · Girls Athlete of the Month – April 2018

Girls Student Athlete of the Month: Sydnee Riley

I first met Sydnee her Sophomore year when much to our benefit she decided to join track. I was as
impressed then as I still am with how cheerful she is. In the last 2 years she has made it to state
throwing the Javelin, and is on track (no pun intended) to make it again this year. On top of that this
year she has thrown 98 feet in the discus, a 17-foot personal record, and earned her 3 rd place in the
Cache/Box and currently 1 st in the region. Not only is she a great athlete, but she is an amazing team
captain, she continually pushes herself to be better at everything she does. She helps to show others
that not only can working hard help them achieve their goals, they can have fun while doing it. I can’t
think of a time at practice or away from it that she doesn’t have a smile on her face and is laughing and
joking with those around her. She is a wonderful young woman, and will accomplish great things with
her work ethic, and positive attitude. The team won’t be the same without her next year, but we will
enjoy the time we have left with her.

Chad Hurst
Head Track Coach
Bear River High School

It has been a real pleasure to observe and work with Sydnee in so many different ways. I first met her
when she came to a little girls’ basketball camp I ran before she was in middle school and it only took a
short time to admire her work ethic, her coachability, her competitiveness, her kindness and her great
attitude. I have also observed her in my Health class, as she has played various sports and while she
worked in her family yard care business and there is one constant with each of those and that is, she
knows how to work hard! She has a real unique ability to be incredibly fierce in competition but yet one
of the kindest, friendliest and happiest young ladies I have had the pleasure of knowing! As her coach
pointed out she always pushes herself to be better with no complaints or excuses. She is the kind of
person you want going to battle with because you know she will always work hard and have your back.
She is a great leader by both word and deed. You will never find a more caring, friendly person than
Sydnee Riley.
She is also a very good student maintaining a 3.988 while taking many upper division and college prep
classes and has an impressive 27 ACT. She is a very well rounded individual who not only excels in
athletics but also in orchestra. I want to thank Sydnee for setting an example of what being a great
student, athlete and person is all about! Good Luck in your future endeavors which I know will be a

Van Park
Athletic Director
Bear River High School

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