Bears News · Boys Athlete of the Month: September 2018

Boys Athlete’s of the Month: Parker Coombs

Parker was voted as the team captain this season.  I can tell you that there are very few who are as competitive as Parker, whether it be in the classroom on the basketball court, baseball diamond or football field.  Parker is one of those rare people who lifts everyone around him with his drive and leadership.  Parker loves to bare the load for his team but is just as willing to block and decoy so that the team can win as a whole.  He is an excellent student and represents this team, his family and the community with honor.

Coach Chris Wise

Head Football Coach

Bear River High School


Parker is one of those dying breeds of 3 sport athletes.  What is so  impressive though is that he excels in all three.  I never got the chance to work with Parker as he was never in my class but I have observed him for quite some time and have been very impressed with two things.   First is his ability to compete but to keep his cool and a calm demeanor.  Second is his leadership skills.  When you watch him play he is going hard the whole time but you don’t see him trying to show off or grab the lime light.  He just wants his team to win. You can learn a lot by watching how kids respond to their coach when their coach is talking to them.  He always looks them right in the eye and nods then goes out and tries to do what was asked.  You can also tell even though he is a quiet leader he is the alpha that teammates look to for leadership and to do the hard things.   I also appreciate the respect he gives to me. Even though I am not his coach he always says, ‘Hi Coach’, demonstrating the respect for others that is missing in today’s world.  Thanks Parker for representing our school so well and for being such a great leader.  I wish you all the best throughout the year.

Van Park

Athletic Director

Bear River High School

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