Bears News · Girls Athlete of the Month: September 2018

Girls Athlete’s of the Month: Kelsey and Lindsey Larkin

It has been my great privilege to be given a small part of Kelsey and Lindsey Larkin’s lives over the past few months. I have been truly impressed by their work ethic. Whether in tennis, school, raising pigs for the fair, or their jobs at Kent’s they are hard at work. These are talented girls who have excelled at every sport they have tried out for. As tennis players and doubles partners they both earned a spot on the Varsity team all 4 years at Bear River. That is no small achievement. They demand excellence from themselves in all they do, and they strive for it.

The Larkins are not boastful of themselves, though. I love the quiet manner in which they go about being great. There is no pretension in their manner. They do not hide who they are or try to be somebody they aren’t. These girls lead by example rather than by words. They have earned the respect of their teammates, their opponents, their opponents’ coaches, as well as my respect. I wish I could have them on the team one more year. I will truly miss them next year.

To Kelsey and Lindsey: “Gotta keep it going. Keep it going full steam. Too sweet to be sour. Too nice to be mean.”

Coach Robert Epling
Head Girls Tennis Coach
Bear River High School

I have had the distinct pleasure of teaching both Kelsey and Lindsey in my Health class and I would have to echo Coach Epling in saying that they know how to work and just quietly go about getting work done and not settling for anything but their best. If I was ever having a bad day all I would have to do is talk to one of them and they would always smile and my day was immediately better. They are fun to tease and joke with. I appreciated how they always laughed at my sense of humor, even if it wasn’t very funny! They both have a very unique quality that if everyone had this world would be that much better. They are both ‘right fighters’ standing up for what they feel is right but when you explain something to them and if it can’t be changed they move on and make the best of the situation. I really feel bad for them this year as it is their senior year and they didn’t get any home matches and had less than optimal practice conditions because of the construction we are having, yet they never complained but just made the best of it! I want both Kelsey and Lindsey to know that they have had an impact on me personally and I am a better person because I have associated with them. I know because of their work ethic, their perseverance and their attitude of making the best of the situation they are a going to be a great success. Kelsey and Lindsey I look forward to seeing the great things you accomplish in the future!

Van Park

Athletic Director
Bear River High School

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