Bears News · Boys Athlete of the Month: October 2018

Boys Athlete’s of the Month: Cole Croney

Cole is an outstanding student and excellent athlete. As good as he is at those things, Cole is an even better Human Being. Cole has been clutch at everything he attempts to do. What I love most about Cole, is that I have yet to find a person who doesn’t consider him a friend. Cole Croney is fearless. Cole has been such a joy to coach. He is never down, and he has been an outstanding example of grace under pressure. As a head coach I loved turning to Cole and asking “you got this?” and having him look at me in supreme confidence and say “for sure”.

Chris Wise
Head Football Coach
Bear River High School

Cole is someone I have always admired as a great leader! He leads by example! He shows through his example how to work hard, how to have a great attitude and how to respect others. For 3 years now since teaching him in Health class I could tell he was someone special and I have really enjoyed passing him in the hall as he always has that kind, accepting and contagious smile! He is one of those people that is fun to be around and also knows when it is time to buckle down and get to work.

I love to watch him as he goes out to kick a field goal, extra point or to kick off as he just carries this quiet confidence with him that you know good things are going to happen. He has that same leadership and quiet confidence on the soccer field as he is one of our prolific strikers. It is easy to tell by how his teammates respond to him that he is a great teammate and one that everyone respects and gravitates to.

While playing football and soccer and serving on the student council and other service organizations he has still managed to be a great student, accumulating a 3.9 GPA and a 23 ACT.

When graduation rolls around I will miss seeing Cole in the halls but I look forward to watching him be a great leader for years to come as he goes out into the world.

Van Park
Athletic Director
Bear River High School

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