Bears News · BRHS Coaches and Community Show at Taco Time    Nov. 5, 2018


6 pm                                    Staging Music/Quick Intro by Clint

6:01                                     1 minute commercial break

6:02                                     Cathy Newman, Tremonton City Food Pantry

6:14                                     2 minute commercial break, 2 minutes with host

6:16                                     Women’s Civic League – Jan Davenport/LaRita Udy

6:26                                     2 minute commercial break

6:28                                     Derek Sorensen, theatre advisor

6:36                                      2 Minute commercial break

6:38                                      Theatre students  ‑ Dillon Stuart and Nancy Smith

6:51                                      2 minute commercial break

6:52                                      Tyson Madson, Box Elder football

6:59                                       Close – (promote radio show next Monday. We’ll be at Greer’s Hardware talking with local doctor Rod Merrell and his years of service as a doc and in religion, Then Jubilee of Trees with Chad Hunt, Madrigals with Wade Walton and wrapping up BR XC with Dan Line.