Bears News · Girls Athlete of the Month: November 2018

Girls Athlete’s of the Month: Emilie Call

Emilie is an extraordinary young woman.  She is beautiful, happy, virtuous, and driven to achieve. Em came to BR from being home-schooled and I’ve watched her come out of her shell and become quite social and highly involved in school. She is actively involved with many activities in and outside of school. She has been a wonderful part of our cheer team. Because of her dedication, I’ve seen her grow into a very talented cheerleader. She never complains, puts in the work, and executes skills superbly.

Emilie is a phenomenal student who maintains a 4.0 GPA and received a 28 on her ACT. She takes rigorous classes and performs well in them. She is not only talented in cheer, but is a beautiful viola player in Bear River’s Orchestra also. She will be one to make an impact on this world. Her future is bright and because of her tenacity she will achieve much! I’ve enjoyed very much having her on the team.

Coach Tory Birkinshaw
Head Cheer Coach
Bear River High School


After talking to Tory I can tell I have really missed out not knowing Emilie Call!  I just love it when student athletes just quietly go about their day and do their very best in everything they do, be very successful yet are very humble and helpful and as you can tell from Tory’s write up that is Emilie!  As I have observed her cheer it is very easy to see that she is extraordinarily kind to everyone! To be that successful and that talented yet always looking to be kind to others is the greatest accomplishment someone could have.  This award was set up for just this type of person! I want to thank Emilie for being such a great example of the kind of person we love to have representing our school! I wish you all the best in your future!

Van Park
Athletic Director
Bear River High school

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