Bears News · Boys Athlete of the Month: December 2018

Boys Athlete’s of the Month: Kelton Summers

It is an honor to nominate Kelton Summers as the Student-Athlete of the Month. Kelton is an outstanding young man that has been taught correct principles by parents that know the importance of respect, kindness, responsibility and courage to name a few. I have always been impressed with the way Kelton carries himself and appears to have a maturity that belies his age. He seems to always have a smile and a kind word to say and is willing to sacrifice personal recognition for the good of the group.

Kelton has played basketball at Bear River for all four years and has been an instrumental part of our program. He displays a quiet leadership with his hard work and competitive attitude. In addition, he is the perfect teammate because of his positive attitude and desire to make those around him better. He is adept at getting along with all personalities and sincerely cares about others and their well-being. He has been a joy to coach and I truly feel blessed for having the opportunity to get to know him personally and to watch him grow and develop as a basketball player and as a young man.

Kelton is a starter on our team this season and is one of three seniors on this year’s squad. He is one of our most tenacious rebounders and does a great job of defending the opponents best big men. He certainly knows the importance of hard work and exhibits it each time he takes the floor. He is a vital component of our team and is a big reason our team has had some early season success.

Kelton is an outstanding student and has challenged himself with a rigorous course schedule while maintaining a 3.584 GPA. He has done exceptionally well in Math, Language Arts and Science and has taken two years of French for good measure. He has not shied away from taking the courses that will prepare him for college and a successful post-high school career.

It has been my pleasure to associate with and coach a young man with the character and determination of Kelton Summers. He is a great example to his peers and is well respected by all of the faculty and staff at Bear River High School.

Scott Hunt
Head Boys Basketball Coach
Bear River High School

I am honored and very happy to write about someone I have known most of his life and whom I admire.  Coach Hunt did an excellent job with the accolades for Kelton and I may repeat some but let me say there are few young men that I admire as much as I do Kelton.  Since he was just a little boy and would come to the basketball games with his Dad you could sense something very special about Kelton.  You could tell even then he loved to compete, he loved people and he loved to make people happy.  He may not remember but clear back in 2009 when one of my teams had a successful year he would come  up to me and say congratulations on a regular basis with sincerity and a genuine heart.   It meant a lot to  me then just like it means a  lot to  me now when  he goes out of his way to say hi to  me or thank me for something  he felt I had a part of as Athletic Director.

I sign of a great athlete and person is someone that always exceeds expectations which is the case with Kelton.  In football he wasn’t the fastest or the strongest but he was definitely one of the best receivers I saw from any team, making incredible catches on a regular basis and in basketball he is always guarding a post with his guard size body and as Coach Hunt mentioned always finds a way to get the rebound over people much taller and stop those bigger players from scoring.

To me one of Kelton’s greatest talents is his ability to be kind to everyone.  You see him claw and fight for what is his on the football field and basketball court yet as soon as he is done competing he is always smiling and kind to everyone.  One thing I can guarantee is if you are around Kelton very long you will be a better person and you will fill that you have a true friend.  I personally want to thank Kelton for inspiring me to be a better person and being a true friend.

Van Park
Athletic Director
Bear River High School

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