Bears News · Girls Athlete of the Month: December 2018

Girls Athlete’s of the Month: Lindsey Ostermiller

I would like to recommend Lindsey Ostermiller for Student Athlete of the Month. Lindsey is a fantastic swimmer. She leads the team in points earned from meets this year. She consistently takes 1st in her races. Lindsey is very competitive and pushes herself against the best in our region and state. 

 Lindsey is a great athlete and she is also a great student. Lindsey has earned quality grades throughout her time here at Bear River. Lindsey is able to maintain these grades despite being very busy with swimming and her responsibilities as Student Body president. 

 Lindsey is a quality representative of Bear River high school. She is a great athlete and student and would make a perfect athlete of the month. 

Coach Danny Esplin/Joelle Beard
Head Swim Coaches
Bear River High School

Lindsey’s statistics speak for themselves. She is our student body president, maintains a 3.976 GPA while taking a full load with many college classes, and has numerous 1st place finishes in swimming. However there is much more  to this amazing student athlete.

When Lindsey first moved here and was in my sophomore health class I knew right away that our school got lucky to have the Ostermillers’ move here.  I could tell from the first week in class that this was someone that was going to make a difference in my class.  Little did I know what an impact she would have on me and the entire school!  I have watched her cheer up so many students and make everyone around her fill like they were the most important person on the planet and that they had great self-worth.  Lindsey always has a smile on her face even though she is burning the candle at both ends as she does what it takes to be a great student, as she goes the extra mile to be an outstanding student body president and as she does more than normal to be the best swimmer she can be.  Most people this busy would not find time to talk with and cheer up others yet she always makes that a priority.  I can honestly say that she is a student that has made me a better teacher and  athletic director as I’ve tried to emulate her positive attitude.

Van Park
Athletic Director
Bear River High school

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