Bears News · Girls Athlete of the Month: January 2019

Girls Athlete’s of the Month: Emma Bitner

Emma Bitner had been a leader on and off the floor this season. In the classroom, she is a great example to the other athletes. She maintains very high grades and takes the student portion of “student athlete” very seriously. On the court, Emma was asked to take on more responsibilities and play a new position. Her work ethic and attitude have allowed her to be successful. As a captain, we rely on Emma to set an example of the traits we want in our players on the court. Regularly unselfish, she wants to get all her teammates involved. On defense, her quick hands and ability to anticipate have lead to a lot of steals. It’s been fun to watch her grow into the player she is today and I’m sure she is going to be successful long after her sports career is over

Coach Mike Corbridge
Head Girls Basketball Coach
Bear River High School

I have watched Emma ever since she was just a toddler and have always been impressed how she is always so happy and positive and never complains.  I always remember her coming to her older siblings games and looking for every opportunity to shoot the basketball! You couldn’t help but smile as you watched her smile as she stepped on the floor.  She loves to compete and loves to be with her teammates! You can just see her face light up when she steps on the floor. I have always been impressed with her willingness to do whatever is asked of her to help her team.  

I watched as she was moved to goalie in soccer, a position she had never played, and not only did she do it without complaint but she made a big impact. On the basketball court she causes all kinds of problems with the opposing team with her long arms and quick hands as she gets her hands on so many balls.  Emma is the type of person you want on your team because she never complains but just gets out there and works hard every time. This work ethic carries over into the class room. I had the privilege of teaching her and was always so impressed with the quality of work she did. She always did work of the highest caliber. This is shown in her 3.962 GPA, while taking many upper division and college classes.   

To me, though, one of Emma’s greatest qualities is she is so good at being kind to others. Another great quality she possesses is showing her gratitude. I remember after teaching her in Health class her writing me a note thanking me for teaching her. You just don’t see that anymore and it really meant a lot to me. So thank you Emma for showing us all the importance of showing gratitude and that there is never a good reason for a bad attitude.  I look forward to watching you have many successes in your life!

Van Park
Athletic Director
Bear River High school

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