Bears News · Girls Athlete of the Month: February 2019

Girls Athlete of the Month: Katie Cragun

Katie is an incredible member of the hi-stepper team. She is constantly pushing herself and others to be the best they can be. She is an influential member of the team, in that she is always motivating and being positive about anything that is given to her. At practice, Katie always gives 110% while she is dancing. As a third year member of the team, she has been through a lot, but she uses that as motivation to improve herself and the team. During competitions, she would shout cheers as we were walking to perform. She always tells each member of the team how amazing and talented they are. She always thanks the coaches for practice and for pushing them to be better. Katie was selected to represent Bear River as a member of the all-state drill team. She made it to the semifinals, which is a large accomplishment. Katie was also selected to represent Bear River as an academic all-region during our region competition. Finally, Katie was selected as one of the few dancers to be a member of the 2019 academic all-state team. This is a huge accomplishment and a high honor to receive. Not only has Katie done a lot in representing the Hi-Steppers in a positive way, but she also represents other school organizations in a positive and influential manner. Katie is a member of the school madrigal group and a thespian. Katie earned the honor of being the female lead in the schools production of The Adams Family. She is an incredible actress and represents the school well. Katie represents the school well and is involved in a large variety of clubs and activities. Katie is the ultimate Bear River Student Athlete

Coach Kelbie Jackson
Head Drill Team Coach
Bear River High School

While observing Kathryn these past 3 years it was easy to tell there was something special about her.   She always has a smile for everyone and incredibly kind to everyone.  Then after reading the coaches remarks regarding Kathryn I feel cheated that I didn’t get a chance to teach her!  As you look at everything she is involved with it makes you wonder how she did everything and still maintain a 4.0 gpa while taking all most every AP and college class offered.  Then add to that the fact that she has an ACT score of 32 and you would think that is enough.  Yet as you look at her and how kind, respectful, motivated, unselfish and humble she is and it is no wonder she was chosen as a member of the all-state drill team.  If anyone were to ask me what their daughter needs to do to be a successful student athlete at Bear River High I would tell them look at Katie!  Thank you Katie for being that person that everyone can look to for a good example of what we would like to see in our students, our athletes and the future of our society!  I hope Bear River has given you as much as you have given us.  Best wishes to what I am sure are many more great accomplishments!

Van Park
Athletic Director
Bear River High School

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