Bears News · Girls Athlete of the Month: March 2019

Girls Athlete of the Month: Whitnie Burton

Whitnie is well deserving of this recognition.  She is an excellent student who is serious about doing well in school.  She has high goals and expectations for herself.  She has been the same on the softball team, working hard to improve her skills.  She will always be successful in life because of her self-discipline and hardworking attitude.

Coach Calvin Bingham
Head Softball Coach
Bear River High School

After teaching Whitnie in Health and then observing her in many different areas over the past few years it does my heart good to see someone of her character and unselfish attitude receive this award!  When she was in my class she not only did the work but she always went above and beyond to complete every assignment to the very best of her ability and consequently her papers were a pleasure to read.  This was obviously the case in all her classes as she managed to maintain a 3.984 GPA while taking a very challenging schedule with many upper division and college classes.  I also remember another thing that always stood out was how she always came to class with a smile, a friendly hello and was ready to work.  I have also observed her helping out with other sports teams and Whitnie always had that same great attitude, never shying away from work.  I then observed her with these same characteristics at her place of employment.  As you can see Whitnie doesn’t let any grass grow under her feet and understands what it takes to be a success.  Which is why I look forward to her being a great success in the future!  Whitnie I wish you all the best in your future and I want to thank you for being such an example to me  and many others.

Van Park
Athletic Director
Bear River High School

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