Bears News · Girls Athlete of the Month: April 2019

Girls Athlete of the Month: Elizabeth Wilkinson

Liz started running track for me her freshman year, and immediately found a love for the hurdles. Anyone who has ever hurdled knows what a challenge they can be. I still remember one race her freshman year where it seemed like everything just clicked and she went from running the 20 second range to 16 second range. I just stood in awe. That just doesn’t happen especially in hurdles. She did it again last year at the state meet, she entered the meet not even ranked to go to finals which is the top 8 in prelims. She ran a great prelim race and was seated 7th.  She then ran herself into 3rd place in the finals.

She really knows how to turn it on when it counts, and even though she will get frustrated sometimes she will always return with a clear head, a smile and ready to get back to work. I believe she gets this from her many hours of ice skating, which she is also amazing at. I also know that learning to fall and get back up on the ice has paid off greatly in the hurdles because the track isn’t even close to as hard as a sheet of ice. One thing I love about the hurdles is the kids learn that even if they fall the race goes on and they have to get up and finish, and at some point all hurdlers fall. Liz is one of the rare ones that comes up laughing and smiling when she does. That describes her better than anything else I could ever say. She is such a wonderful young woman, and her joy and excitement for everything (and I mean everything she is about the busiest person I know), is going to be missed at practice and meets. The future is bright for this young lady for sure.

Coach Chad Hurst
Head Track Coach
Bear River High School

This is one of those write-ups that I really look forward to writing.  I had the pleasure of teaching Elizabeth in Health class her sophomore year and from the very beginning I fell in love with her work-ethic, her continuous and contagious smile and her friendliness.  I open the BEAR center in the winter at 5:30am and I can’t tell you the number of times Liz came in to run.  I am sure this was after a late night of homework and practicing at her skill and love of ice skating, which she would have to travel to Logan to do.

She was also involved in early morning Jazz band and took many college classes and upper division classes and still maintains a 3.961 GPA.  I don’t know how she does it but she is someone I truly admire.  On Friday’s the jazz band always plays music in the commons early in the morning and I would often go and listen to them and could always count on a big smile from her.

I have always watched her as she is friends with everyone.  She goes out of her way to show kindness to those who may not have as many friends or aren’t as popular.   I just love when people of her high character go out of their way to help and spread kindness to others.  She is exactly the kind of person I want to be so thanks for setting an example for me.  I  want to wish you all the very best in your future.

 Van Park
Athletic Director
Bear River High School

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