Bears News · BRHS Coaches and Community Show at Kent’s Market, Sept. 30, 2019


6 pm                                       Staging Music/Quick Intro

6:01                                        1 minute commercial break

6:02                                        Luke Jennings, Post Cereal Sale

6:09                                         2 minute commercial break

6:11                                        Luke continued

6:15                                         Amy Carter, Garland Charity Theatre

6:27                                      1 minute commercial break, 2 mins with host

6:29                                     Jerusha Walsh, BR Volleyball

6:39                                      2 minute commercial break

6:41                                     _________________BR Volleyball player

6:49                                  2 minute commercial break

6:51                                         Chris Wise, BR Football

7:00                                         Close – (Next week we are at Elwood Corn Maze talking with Lacey Munns, one of the organizers for the Collin Kartchner event, Mike Allen with Tremonton Fire Department talking fire prevention, golf coach Devin Kidman and a player, and football coach Chris Wise.)