Bears News · BRHS Coaches and Community Show at Mike Norr Plumbing, Nov. 25, 2019


6 pm                                       Staging Music/Quick Intro

6:01                                        1 minute commercial break

6:02                                        Marvin Hull, Old Barn Theatre, Best Christmas Pageant Ever

6:09                                         2 minute commercial break

6:11                                        Marvin continued

6:14                                       2 Minute commercial break

6:16                                         Stephanie Pingel, BR Chorale

6:25                                      2 minute commercial break, 2 mins with host

6:29                                     Kadie Bowcutt, cheerleading asst. coach

6:39                                      2 minute commercial break

6:41                                      Abbie Call, cheerleader

6:48                                       2 minute commercial Break

6:50                                       Reggie Shaw, basketball

Close – (Next week we are at Taco Time in Tremonton talking with Marci Cox of Post Consumer Brands Cereal about their upcoming cereal with Santa event, then Hi Steppers advisor Kelbie Jackson will be on with one of her dancers, and then we wrap with BRHS basketball coach Reggie Shaw and a player.)