Bears News · Boys Athlete of the Month: December 2019

Boys Student Athlete of the Month:  Keegan Hadley

Keegan Hadley is a Junior swimmer this year. He is in his 3rd year of competitive swimming. One of the most admirable traits that Keegan has is how hard he works. Even on the days, he is sick he tries to get in the pool and swim. When in the pool he pushes himself nonstop. He also tries to motivate those around him to push as hard as they can.

Keegan has scored the highest points for the boy’s team this year at 112 team points. He has a goal to have the fastest time on the team in all events. Right now he has the fastest time in 4 events and he is in second in 3 events.

Keegan is a great example to others around him and represents the swim team and the school where ever he goes.

Danny Esplin
Head Boys Swim Coach
Bear River High School

It is a pleasure to talk about a great swimmer and even better student and an even better person. Keegan is one of the most polite students you will meet! He is always kind to everyone he meets! He is a very hardworking dependable and responsible student athlete also. All these characteristics make him a great leader for his swim team. When I taught Keegan as a Sophomore I knew right away that he loved swimming. All you had to do was bring up the swim team and he just lit up! It was also easy to tell he was going to be a great success as he always worked hard in class and had an outstanding attitude! Because of this great attitude and work ethic Keegan has a 3.976 GPA! I love that Keegan has set high goals for himself and there is no question he will achieve them. I want to thank Keegan for being such a great representative of our school and swim team! He is exactly what we want our student athletes to be.

Van Park
Athletic Director
Bear River High School