Bears News · Girls Athlete of the Month: February 2020

Girls Student Athlete of the Month:  Ashley Roberts

Miss Roberts, a senior member of the girls’ basketball team, was selected as athlete of the month because of her leadership skills and team contributions.

Ashley is a team captain.  Ashley leads by example.  Ashley has shown that her actions, attitudes, and demeanors are much more important than what she says.  Her actions speak louder than her words.  Ashley’s leadership has positively impacted her peers, team, and school.

Ashley is a consistent team contributor.  Her statistical contributions are helping her team being competitive and successful.  Her dedication on defense and other non-statistical contributions have also propelled her and her team across many major hurdles this season.  Ashley is a competitor.  She wants to win.  She is positive, and she puts her team first!  Congratulations Miss Roberts!

Tyrell Neal
Head Girls Basketball Coach
Bear River High School

What a pleasure to be able to write about a student I have admired and appreciated ever since I had her in my Health class! She has always had a smile that will brighten even the worst of days and will share it with everyone she meets! She is a great student as is shown by her 4.0 cumulative GPA as well as being named Academic All-State in soccer and girls basketball! You watch her in class, play soccer, basketball or run track it is easy to see why she is such a success in all she does. She always works incredibly hard, has an amazing attitude, never complains, is a great listener and always cares about others. When you first meet Ashley you might think she is too quiet, kind and timid to participate in athletics but you would be dead wrong. She is a fierce competitor, never backing down from anything or anyone. Yet she does it with great sportsmanship and class. Thanks Ashley for being an example to me of how we should all compete. That is being a fierce competitor but always showing respect to others. Ashley I look forward to seeing you be a big success in life! Good luck in all you do!

Van Park
Athletic Director
Bear River High School