Bears News · Bear River Community Show at Old Farm Corn Maze, Elwood, Oct. 5, 2020


6 pm                                       Staging Music/Quick Intro

6:01                                        1 minute commercial break

6:02                                        Trisha Butler, Tremonton Women’s Civic League

6:10                                         2 minute commercial break

6:12                                        Trisha continued

6:16                                       1 minute commercial break, 2 Minutes with host

6:19                                         Robert Epling, BRHS tennis

6:27                                      2 minute commercial break

6:29                                      Erika Olsen, 1st singles region champ!!

6:37                                      2 Minute commercial break

6:39                                     Chris Wise, football

6:50                                      2 minute commercial break

6:52                                     Chance Udy, football

7:00                                        Close – (Next week we will be at Main Street Service in Garland talking with Deseret News writer and author, Trent Toone. Then we’ll have BRHS golf with a coach and player and  football with a coach and player.