Bears News · Bear River Community Show at Tamashi Sushi and Raman Bar in Tremonton, Feb. 22, 2021


6 pm                                       Staging Music/Quick Intro

6:01                                        1 minute commercial break

6:02                                        Shane Sessions, West Liberty

6:10                                         2 minute commercial break

6:12                                        Shane continued

6:16                                       1 minute commercial break, 2 Minutes with Brent Layton

6:19                                         Olivia Rose, Tuck Everlasting

6:29                                      2 minute commercial break

6:31                                     Damon Fuhriman, Tuck Everlasting

6:38                                      2 Minute commercial break

6:40                                     Reggie Shaw, boys’ basketball coach

6:50                                      2 minute commercial break

6:52                                     Reggie continued

7:00                                        Next week we will be at Kent’s Market, talking with Marvin Hull of the Old Barn Community Theatre, also the four Bear River High state champion wrestlers will be on, plus boys’ basketball with coach Reggie Shaw.